Guide to Doing Business with the US
  August 2008
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 This guide provides a wealth of user-friendly assistance to SMEs interested in developing business with the US, particularly with respect to the US trade regime by examining its import and other related regulations, as well as marketing and setting up a business in the US. Browse the first three chapters here for free. To order the full version, please visit our retail outlets or online HKTDC Bookshop

Chapter 1: Overview of the US Trade Regime
1.1 Formulation and Execution of US Trade Policy
1.2 The Role of Congress
1.3 The Role of the Administration
1.4 The Role of the Courts
Chapter 2: Quotas, Import Licensing and Import Restrictions
2.1 Quotas and Import Licensing
2.2 Sanitary and Hygienic Measures
2.3 Product Safety
2.4 Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation
2.5 Other Miscellaneous Restrictions and Standards

Chapter 3:

Customs Tariffs
3.1 Tariff Classification and the HTSUS
3.2 Duty Rates
3.3 Rules of Origin
3.4 Preferences under Unilateral Programmes
3.5 Preferences under Free Trade Agreements
3.6 Preferences by Political Association

Chapter 4:

Trade Measures
4.1 Anti-dumping Duties and Countervailing Duties
4.2 Safeguards
4.3 IPR Issues

Chapter 5:

Marking, Labelling and Packing Requirements
5.1 Marking and Labelling
5.2 Special Labelling and Marking Requirements
5.3 Packing
5.4 Shipping
5.5 Marine and Air Insurance
5.6 Cargo Security

Chapter 6:

Entry and Customs Clearance
6.1 Entry Process
6.2 Right to Make Entry
6.3 Invoices
6.4 Clearance Procedures
6.5 Payment of Duties
6.6 Ports of Entry by State
6.7 Regulations on Postal and Sample Shipments

Chapter 7:

Payment Methods, Export Controls and Dispute Settlement
7.1 Payment Methods of Goods
7.2 Export Controls
7.3 Dispute Settlement

Chapter 8:

Appointment of US Sales Agents / Representatives & Setting up Sales Offices / Subsidiaries
8.1 Appointing US Sales Agents/Representatives
8.2 Establishing a US Sales Office/Subsidiary

Chapter 9:

Incorporation of a Business
9.1 Types of Business Organisations
9.2 Incorporating a Business
9.3 Setting up an Online Business

Chapter 10:

Taxes and Business Insurance
10.1 Taxes
10.2 Business Insurance

Chapter 11:

11.1 Employment Procedures
11.2 Employment Regulations and Employer Obligations

Chapter 12:

Visas and Immigration Issues
12.1 US Visas
12.2 Working Permits

Chapter 13:

Sales Promotion in the US
13.1 Trade Shows
13.2 Trade Magazine Advertising
13.3 TV Advertising
13.4 Internet Promotion

Chapter 14:

Useful Contacts and Web Resources
14.1 US Departments, Agencies, Offices and Bureaus
14.2 Trade Laws and Regulations
14.3 Sources of Trade Data
14.4 CBP Field Operations Offices
14.5 Useful Contacts in Hong Kong
14.6 TDC Offices in the US