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Exel extends global use of Syntegra application

The new Cargo Route Management Service (CRMS) developed by global consulting and systems integration business, Syntegra, has produced such an improvement in airline data integrity and physical performance that launch customer Exel is to extend the application across 108 routes worldwide.

Syntegra introduced CRMS into Exel's airfreight business in March this year to support the 瘦4.3bn supply chain management company's 'Moments of Truth' quality programme to measure the performance of preferred airline partners.

Richard Smith, Delivery Programme Director at Syntegra, says: "Our ability to produce accurate reports broken down by airline, station and route has provided Exel with a great insight into where improvements are possible and this information is being shared with each carrier. In a consultancy role, we are working alongside Exel's airfreight team to identify areas of failure and practical solutions.

"We can also alert airlines immediately when a milestone is missed. This 'real time' feed of information helps them take fast corrective action. We are using measured results to drive up quality in the air cargo industry."

Exel and Syntegra launched the initiative with seven carriers; British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa Cargo, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines. At the outset, six gateway locations participated in the programme - Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore, representing 11% of Exel's overall airfreight business.

Ole Ringheim, Global Airfreight Director at Exel, said: "The slow arrival of data and inaccurate information is an industry-wide problem. Syntegra provides our EDI gateway to airlines and its new Cargo Route Management Service (CRMS) has provided the performance-monitoring tool we needed to take the next step.

"Getting accurate and timely data in an electronic format is vital for several reasons. The main driver is enhanced customer service by reducing the number of telephone calls we need to make to airlines. By obtaining the information on key milestones automatically, we also eliminate the time previously taken to manually enter data into our system."

'Moments of Truth' currently focuses on four key milestones:

1. RCS-Freight received by the airline intact and ready for carriage
2. DEP-Flight departed
3. RCF-Freight checked-in at airline import station
4. DLV-Freight and documentation handed to the agent at import station

Using the CRMS service, Exel monitors each milestone for visibility, timeliness and performance to measure whether each freight movement was achieved as planned.