The Hong Kong-Europe Business Council was originally established under the bilateral structure of the Hong Kong/European Union and European Union/Hong Kong Business Cooperation Committees in Hong Kong and Brussels respectively in July 1997.  In recognition of the growing economic relations between Hong Kong and non-EU economies, the Committees were unified under the umbrella of the Hong Kong-Europe Business Council in June 2013.  The Business Council serves as an important channel for high-level dialogue on trade, investment and economic cooperation between the economies of Hong Kong and Europe.

  1. Promote trade, investment and economic cooperation between the business communities of Hong Kong and Europe;
  2. Enhance understanding and cooperation between the two business communities by facilitating business ties as well as organising business conferences and other promotional events;
  3. Exchange first-hand information that may affect the economic activities of the two territories;
  4. Help maintain a positive environment for trade and investment;
  5. Augment the flow of trade and investment information between Hong Kong companies and their counterparts throughout Europe; and
  6. Foster friendship and understanding between the two business communities.