Belt and Road Webinar Series | Green and Sustainable Project Opportunities along and beyond the Belt and Road



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This webinar aims to raise the awareness on sustainability and opportunities related to green finance, contributing to the sustainable development of the world’s economy. The panel discussion of this webinar will look at the latest general global landscape of sustainability development, green opportunities worldwide, and the roles which Hong Kong and its green finance and infrastructure service providers can play to promote the global trend of going green.

是次線上研討會旨在提昇綠色金融和可持續發展項目的機遇和關注度,為環球的綠色及可持續發展作出貢獻。 研討會的專題討論將剖釋環球最新全球可持續發展趨勢、一帶一路和大灣區的綠色機遇動向,以及香港的綠色金融及基建服務在推進共建全球綠色發展方面所擔當的角色。

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