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Green Mfg: WEEE/RoHS
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Issue 15, 2007 (27 July)
 Green Mfg: WEEE/RoHS

2007 July Fresh stakeholder consultation on RoHS exemptions
Apr Consultation process opened for review of law on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
Mar UK authorities issue WEEE guidance ahead of producer registration deadline
2006 Dec UK WEEE Regulations finalised
Nov New stakeholder consultation opened on RoHS exemptions
Oct RoHS law introduces new exemptions for EEE producers
Sept New exemptions under RoHS law for electronic and electrical goods
Review of WEEE Directive could spell new obligations on producers
Aug UK sets final timetable for WEEE
July WEEE and RoHS transportation update -- Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
New list of proposed RoHS exemptions is discussed; developments in Italy enrage producers
June Electrical appliance traders jittery as entry into effect of RoHS law looms ever nearer
RoHS Enforcement Guidance Document finally issued
May UK publishes conclusions for implementation of WEEE legislation
EU batteries law imposes new obligations on traders; follows "WEEE" tenets
Publication of EU-wide RoHS Guidelines coming up
RoHS exemptions for certain types of electrical and electronic equipment are published
Apr Imminent guidelines on testing methods for RoHS compliance
Mar European Parliament challenges Commission decision on flame retardant
WEEE and RoHS -- transposition update
Feb WEEE and RoHS transposition update
WEEE and RoHS update: Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Austria
Jan WEEE and RoHS update: Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus
WEEE and RoHS update for some Member States
2005 Dec WEEE and RoHS update for some major EU economies
UK transposes RoHS Directive banning hazardous substances in electrical appliances
Nov Changes to RoHS including the long-awaited exemption for Deca-BDE
Sept Possible court action over RoHS exemption for flame retardant
Maximum values laid down for hazardous substances in electrical appliances
Aug WEEE Directive's implementation enters into force; UK further delays some key provisions

Producer responsibilities under EU electro-waste law set to be triggered in a few days


Conflict continues to rage over controversial RoHS exemption for flame retardant

Commission lays down rules for monitoring compliance of the WEEE Directive
MEPs and Commission in conflict over RoHS exemption for flame retardant
Apr UK decides to delay launching of producer responsibility for electro-scrap
Mar Electro-scrap laws lead to registration and financing obligations in Member States
Member States take a firm stand on the responsible party for WEEE financing
Toy manufacturers to comply with an ever-increasing plethora of legal measures
Jan Member States water down EU's draft batteries Directive
New exemptions and concentration levels for hazardous substances in electrical equipment
2004 Dec WEEE requirements on producers of electronic goods approach ever closer
Specific restrictions proposed for hazardous substances in consumer electronics
Nov European Standard approved, setting out marking requirements under WEEE law
Sept Member States' experts discuss "grey area" electronic waste products
Transposing of electronic waste recycling Directive due in EU Member States
Jul Sweden moves ahead with further restrictions on flame retardants after EU inaction
Mar Acceding countries could be permitted delay over waste electrical appliances provisions
Feb Law on electronic waste from non-household sources provides reprieve for producers
Jan Specific restrictions proposed for hazardous substances in consumer electronics
2003 Nov Electronics producers relieved by forthcoming amendment to WEEE law
Oct Waste electronic goods see further step taken in producer-responsibility arena
May New Directive to deal with historic electro-scrap is tabled
Apr Overview of some expected tougher environmental rules
Feb EU's waste electro-scrap laws enter into force
2002 Nov Adoption of electrical appliances waste laws places novel burdens on Hong Kong's exporters
Oct EU to adopt Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment
Conciliation process underway to sort out controversial provisions on WEEE and RoHS
Jul Proposed waste electrical equipment rules scrutinised by Commission
Apr Hong Kong producers face own-financing of WEEE take-back schemes
Parliamentarians want "smart" chips used in consumables outlawed
Jan Electronic waste Directives on track for adoption
2001 Nov WEEE law to have significant impact on Hong Kong's mobile phone parts manufacturers
Sept Industry takes a stand over draft rules for electrical and electronic equipment
Jul Belgium's "green tax" on electrical and electronic goods enters into force
Jun Council reaches political agreement over proposals for WEEE and hazardous substances
EU signs international convention to phase out PCBs and other highly toxic pollutants
The European Parliament demands stricter rules over waste electrical and electronic equipment
Jan The EU's Economic and Social Committee criticises proposals for WEEE
2000 Jun Commission tackles problems on electrical and electronic waste