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Issue 03, 2007 (09 February)
 Feature Article


EU publishes new textile quotas for 2007

Newly increased quotas have been established by the EU on imports of certain textile products originating in mainland China, which may be of interest to Hong Kong and mainland traders in the apparels sector ... (full story)

 Industry News


Tariff reductions apply to several commodities of potential interest to Hong Kong

Two amending regulations have recently been published by the Commission. One suspends the autonomous common customs tariff duties on various industrial, agricultural and fishery products while the other provides for the administration of the autonomous ... (full story)


PFOS ban published, applying to certain textiles and consumer goods

A new Directive 2006/122/EC which prohibits the use of perfluorooctane sulfonates (PFOS), except in a few special cases, has been adopted in the EU and published in the Official Journal ... (full story)


Avian flu returns to Europe; measures against imports continue

After a period of almost six months during which no new outbreaks were reported, avian flu fears have now returned to haunt the EU ... (full story)


EU advertising laws consolidated into one official text

The Commission has combined legislation on comparative and misleading advertising to set out the do's and don'ts of advertising in one text: Directive 2006/114/EC ... (full story)

 General and Market Reports


Talks go on for reduced customs tariffs following EU enlargement

Hong Kong traders exporting a multiplicity of goods to European countries may like to know that the EU has once again requested the extension of a negotiating deadline with WTO Members ... (full story)