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June 2008 Issue No.7Home
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A pocketful of fun

Amid the buzz at Hong Kong's Entertainment Expo 2008 a small but highly significant sector was unveiled: mobile TV. According to many in the industry, the opportunity to transmit and receive entertainment and movie clips through a mobile device is likely to transform the way audiences view and are alerted to movies.

Dr Samson Tam, Chairman of the Information Technology Division at the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, explained that Hong Kong embarked on digital terrestrial broadcasting this year by adopting the DMB-T/H national standard in use on the Chinese mainland.........

Islamic finance and the China connection

Islamic finance is one of the fastest growing disciplines of international investment, with assets under management expected to total US$1 trillion by 2010, and currently expected to grow 15% annually.

With Islamic finance forbidding standard interest-bearing instruments, several commentators even believe Islamic investments to be less sensitive to the global, invidious sub-prime collateralised debt obligations that have recently sullied the balance sheets of major investment banks.........

Strait trade: the promise of "the three links"

When Ma Ying Jeou took office as the new Taiwan leader in May, his election set in motion a whole series of initiatives that should liberalise trade with the Chinese mainland. As the new government is to place greater emphasis on economic growth and closer ties with the Mainland, it's expected cross-Strait economic relations will be normalised, investment in Taiwan increase and the overall Taiwan economy bounce back.........