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Past Issues
June 2008 Issue No.7
Trade Agenda
The tide turns on China's polluters
China is determined to tackle its environmental problems. So the decision to upgrade the State Environment Protection Administration (SEPA) to a full ministry is firm evidence of the governments commitment. Though internalising the social costs of pollution will be hard on the manufacturing sector, itll be big business to those bringing green technologies and services to the country.........
The PRD's "green" balance sheet
The Green Olympics and Hong Kong's "gold"
Europe's growth of green
Hong Kong exports 2008: Still signs of life
Export Indicators
HKTDC Export Index down to 45.9 in 2Q08
Rmb appreciation and weak demand quoted as main reasons for pessimism.........
Markets And Industries
A 30-hour trip that's worth the wait
Even the tyranny of time is worth enduring for a chance to enter Chile's vibrant markets. The faraway South American countrys close trading relationship with the Chinese mainland gives Hong Kong suppliers substantial heft.........
Oil is thicker than water in Kuwaiti building bonanza
Cheers all round
"Raw prawns" and the environment Down Under
Guest Suite
Vision of a "green tech" future
Lighthouse Technologies, a member of Hong Kong's Gold Peak Group, produces LED screens for indoor and outdoor display and it's become a global player with an emphasis on "green tech". The business perfectly matches its Hong Kong base, combining product innovation and technology with worldwide marketing and sales, as founder Jimmy Lo explains to TQ Editor Martin Evan-Jones.........
Topical Issues
A pocketful of fun
Mobile TV, due to be launched in Hong Kong in 2010, was among the stars of Hong Kong's Entertainment Expo, opening digital possibilities through a whole new medium. It'll bring different standards and opportunities to entertainment production as well as giving future impetus to film distribution and trading.........
Islamic finance and the China connection
Strait trade: the promise of "the three links"
Expert Opinion
Hong Kong is no minnow in China's trade "take"
Hong Kongs investment in trade has realised a huge value windfall with the opening up of the Chinese mainland. Even if the "take" the territory receives today is proportionally less than in the past, Hong Kong's accumulated expertise will still attract a healthy return from trade in co-operation with the Mainland for the foreseeable future.........
International Trends
The warring washing machines
A study shows that "survival of the fittest" is the trend amidst fierce competition in the Mainland washing machine market. Drum-type washers have been gaining popularity and are soon expected to share the market equally with impeller-type machines.........
Hospitality sector goes large in the UAE
Japanese toy makers bring non-China production into play
Building materials get "convenience" treatment
Law And Regulation
To provide the latest information on trade and business issues in China, the EU and the US, HKTDC Research publishes three monthly newsletters: Business Alert-China, Business Alert-EU and Business Alert-US. This section contains the latest legal and regulatory developments adapted from these sources, along with online addresses for further elaboration.........
In Practice
"Green" food comes to China
Food that's unpolluted, safe, nutritious and good in quality and produced by methods of sustainable development can carry the green food logo upon authentication by the China Green Food Development Center. These "green" foods emphasise strides towards ecological enlightenment.........