20+ Industry verticals to engage quality trade fair buyers

HKTDC Exhibitions Online

HKTDC’s internationally renowned trade fairs bring together quality buyers of their respective industries. Being extended from physical platforms to online, the individual fair websites evolve into industry verticals that engage industry buyers all-year-round.

24x7 Targeted Promotion to Industry Buyers

  • Exhibition Online

    Extension of physical trade fairs to online platform for year-round exposure of quality products
  • Extensive Industry News
    Updated market and industry news available all-year-round
  • Enhanced Sourcing Functions
    Buyers can source industry-specific products from multiple Exhibitions Online for better matching results
    Suppliers enjoy priority search rankings via “Exhibition Online” promotional packages
  • Expand Promotion Channels
    Leverage on HKTDC’s advantages on its Marketplace app, social media and online-offline promotions to reach more industry buyers.
    Priority participation at business matching activities

New electronic buyer badges to boost more buyer visits to Exhibitions Online

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Revamped fair website designed to boost buyer loyalty and enhance brand promotion
Launch of Exhibitions Online starts from late 2017
  • Product highlights feature selected products from suppliers to attract instant purchases
  • Banner ads promote selected products and services
  • Supplier and product search function for easy sourcing
  • Buyers’ sourcing needs offers business matching opportunities to suppliers
  • Buyers’ top search items highlights the hottest search keywords and categories
  • Industry news provides industry-specific market trends and research reports
Suppliers’ dedicated promotion webpage
Each supplier has a dedicated webpage and URL at Exhibition Online to promote its quality brands and products to attract buyers’ visits and purchases before a trade fair, and continue to release the latest product information via the online platform after the fair.
Exhibitor Benefits – Priority Referral to Target Buyers
Along with buyers’ online pre-registration to trade fairs, the HKTDC collects buyers’ latest sourcing requirements, and match them with suppliers’ products on Exhibition Online. A list of recommended suppliers will then be sent to buyers. The more product photos and information exhibitors post online, the more the business opportunities.

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