Hong Kong Trade Development Council Small Order Zone

Small-Order Zone, the new initiative to facilitate buyers to source quality products in small quantity, was launched at HKTDC fairs from April 2012. The launch is a great success and it is well received by buyers.

B With price and MOQ readily displayed at the Zone for easy comparison, buyers can easily check out the best sellers available to source in small quantity. Many positive feedback was received from buyers, check out their success stories now!

B Miss out on Small-Order Zone at HKTDC fairs? No worries, source products available at fairs plus more from www.hktdc.com/so!

Small is the way forward

Aditya Birla Group is a US $40 billion French fabric company established since 1954. In the league of Fortune 500, this global business operates in 36 counties across the globe including USA, Europe, Australia, China, South East Asia and UAE.

Representing the group, Ms Sellam stations in the Shanghai buying office. ‘I like this new small-order idea, it is a good way for buyers to purchase products in a relatively smaller quantity for market testing.’ said Ms Sellam. ‘Since consumers are looking for some value-for-money and up-to-the-minute fashion products in Europe, it made buyers need to turn to small-order sourcing. I know a number of business partners in Shanghai are interested in small-order and definitely I will recommend the zone and also the online website to them.’

‘This QR code really impressed me. It’s innovative! I can easily keep a concise record just with my mobile phone when I visit the trade fair.’ added Ms Sellam.

Ms Elisa Sellam, Business Development, Aditya Birla Group, France
More styles, less stocks

Operating a wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses company at UK, Ms. Patricia Barclay Lumb who is the director of Posh Frocks stopped over at the Small-Order Zone on her first day visit of the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2013 and found Maranatha Peculiar Treasures Ltd. at the zone.

To ensure a unique collection of wedding gowns available to suit all styles, tastes and budgets for brides, small-order fulfil their need. “We listen to our customers and aim to provide them a personal and prestige shopping experience. Therefore, we need a broad collection of gowns and dresses to let our brides to choose from. Small-order can help us not only to test the fashion trend but also to avoid overstock.’ said Ms Lumb.

As a retailer and wholesaler, Ms Lumb visits our fair every year to meet her existing suppliers as well as to source new ones. She also source online frequently and she will continue to source at the Online Small-Order Zone after the fair.

Ms Patricia Barclay Lumb, Director, Posh Frocks Company, UK
See lifestyle products in one go

On behalf of Nada Alrabie, a company group in U.A.E., Mr Rabih is sourcing for a wide range of products because of the wide range of business run by the company. Established for over 25 years, the company transforms from retail store decor and marketing displays business to the distribution of a wide range of lifestyle products. Mr Rabih found it very helpful that a wide variety of products including watches, footwear, bags and accessories are available at the Small-Order Zone in addition to garment items.

‘I truly think small-order is helpful, it allows bigger flexibility for us. Since the request and requirement for each customer is unique, and some of them may only run 1 or 2 outlets, we will only place small orders.’ said Mr Rabih.

Mr Rabih enjoy using the Exhibitor Scanner at the zone, he thinks it’s simple and easy. For the bookmarked suppliers, he will enquire a few selected items when back to U.A.E.

Mr Zaher Mohammed Asim Rabih, Chief Marketing Officer, Nada Alrabie, Group of Companies, Dubai, UAE
Higher unit price is acceptable

Running 3 outlets and an online shop selling fashion items, jewellery and gifts, Ms Aliyeva, founder of BiBi Hanum welcome the idea of Small-Order Zone. Though the unit price of products at the zone is comparatively higher, the flexibility of this sourcing mode pays off.

‘’Our stores located in hotels and we only sell products that are unique and not common in our market’ said Ms Aliyeva. ‘I don’t mind to pay a bit higher on the unit cost. Instead, if the product is rare, it allows us to mark up higher for higher margin.’

Ms Aliyeva has visited the zone and she’s interested in those embroidery garment items from Fashionite Impex Pvt Ltd. ‘The design of these products is gorgeous. I am sure customers in our country love it.’ Ms Aliyeva said she will make enquiry to this supplier after back home.

Ms Muhayo Aliyeva, founder, Bibi Hanum, Uzbekistan
Open up new window for on-shelf trial

Running over 800 outlets in Japan, the country-wide chain store merchandiser, Mr. Takata said the small-order products at the Zone lowered the risk of over-stocking.

‘For new product launched on-shelf, we usually only stock up 10 pieces for each store as a trial. We will wait and see the response from the stores and then consider the bulk-order purchase if the sales is good.’ Mr. Takata emphasized how the flexibility of this sourcing concept helped.

Mr. Takata was arranged to meet with Khattar Toys Manufacturer Ltd. at the booth. After an hour of in-depth discussion; both parties end the discussion with a happy face. ‘We will present this product to management after we go back. Once our management approved, we will place order with quantity of 8,000 units.’

Mr. Masanao Takata, Merchandiser, Nishimatsuya Chain Company Limited from Japan
Small is good for quick turnover business

‘We always aim small in the beginning’ said by Mr. Baker, Partner of an American TV shopping channel and direct mailing company in the states. ‘Since response from customers are quick and direct, we can quickly know if the product is well-received by the market. With small order quantity allowed, we can always order smaller quantity first, and then place bigger order immediately after the product launched to the market.’

Mr. Baker said the idea of small-order sourcing help their store to stock less and hence lower the warehouse and logistic cost.

‘With the operation cost lowered, we can then introduce some more new products to expand our product range and expand our market share.’ Mr. Baker said the idea help their business especially during the tough time in the economic downturn.

Mr. Don W. Baker, Partner, American Direct Response from USA
In-stock products save time

Established for 15 years, product promotional video shooting company, Infomercials, Inc. made a great success for their clients. ‘We are doing videos that really help businesses to market their products, not just to feature their products. There are so many competitors out there in the states but many of our videos were ranked top 10 in the nation.’ said by Mr. Fowkes, CEO of the company.

Mr. Fowkes said usually he selects 20-50 items at a fair for small or trial order. Subsequent bulk order will then follow after testing the market response in the shopping channels.

‘I would highly recommend this zone to others, saving time means saving money.’ exclaimed Mr. Foweks.

Mr. Doug Fowkes, Chief Executive Officer, Infomercials, Inc. from USA
Quantity beat higher unit price

Running 2 retail shops selling educational toys in Egypt, Ms. Suliman said this is the first time she encountered this new concept in trade fair and it is especially good for her country due to the recent economic situation in Europe.

‘Since we are not a big business and we just run 2 outlets, we always want to buy less in quantity. We check with exhibitors at the fair and not all of them are willing to offer in small-quantity. But here at this zone, everything is available in small-quantity that makes our life easier.’

Ms. Perihan Suliman, General Manager, Sugar Spell Company Limited from Egypt
Beauty of small for small-scale projects

Aiming to source appropriate products for the coming gift and premium products catalogue, Mr. Eric Van De Werken from a Spain trading company stayed at the Small-Order Zone as his first stop at the Hong Kong Toys & Game Fair. He was impressed by the variety of products at the Small-Order Zone which he can further expand the range of the catalogue product list.

Experienced in sourcing through trade fairs, Mr. Eric launches numbers of premium projects throughout the year which the idea of small order sourcing does help him much, “I source frequently for new gifts and premiums for my company projects. The small order sourcing allows me to order just 100 units which perfectly fit my small-scale projects. It also let me to test the market trend of the new products before purchasing in bulk,” said Mr. Eric.

With the HKTDC Magazine App, Mr. Eric has scanned the QR codes of several suppliers at the Small-Order Zone and he will further contact them to seek opportunities of placing orders during the fair. “Yeah, I’m interested in the flash-light from Glowing Star (HK) Company Limited and the graduation bear from Joy Win Creative Factory Limited. Think I will check with the suppliers on the product details and may place initial order in the coming days,” elaborated Mr. Eric.

Mr. Eric Van De Werken, Director, Golden Gift Company from Spain
Rewards come together with ease of online sourcing

Mr. Martin McDonald, the Director and Inventor of an Australian sportswear company Intriguing Productions Pty Ltd, enjoys looking for new product development opportunities with Asian suppliers at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2013. As the VIP of HKTDC trade fairs, Mr. Martin also used to sourcing through online platform.

“I started my business 7 years ago with North America as my key market. I don’t like competition. Therefore I always invent special products so can be the monopoly in the market. Both the trade fairs and online sourcing platforms not only provide me with quality suppliers but also allow me to get new and fascinating ideas for my creation,” said Mr. Martin.

Sourcing online on a monthly basis, Mr. Martin appreciated the idea of the hktdc.com Buyer Rewards Program which he is rewarded through his regular work. “hktdc.com is a nice platform providing me authentic suppliers with variety of products. It can help stimulate me in getting more new notion for new business.” Mr. Martin said he will continue to source online and look forward enjoying the fabulous rewards that come after.

Mr. Martin McDonald, Director, Eliminator Sports from Australia
LED Lights and More at Small-Order Zone

Mr. Richardson made his first stop at the Small-Order Zone on the first day of the Lighting Fair. While he has been working direct with some manufacturers in Shenzhen, he appreciated the idea of small order sourcing that gives opportunities for him to try out co-operation with new suppliers.

Before placing bulk orders, Mr. Richardson usually spends a long period of time identifying suitable suppliers; meet with the potential companies or even visit the manufacturing base of the suppliers in the Chinese mainland to ensure the quality of the products.

“The idea is brilliant. It allows me to place a relatively smaller trial order to evaluate the product quality and service level of the supplier, as well as test the response of the market.” said Mr. Richardson. “It accelerates my sourcing and thus allows me to response to the market trend quickly without bearing a high risk.”

Mr. Richardson is actively expanding his business in Toronto. In addition to the LED lighting products, he has also bookmarked a number of portable batteries and protective covers for smart phones, that were also available at the zone. “It is perfect that I can find more than LED lights at the zone.”

Mr. Richardson has spent more than 2 hours at the zone. He will contact the suppliers for business discussion after visiting other exhibitors at the fair.

Mr. Peter Richardson, Merchandising Manager, White Knight LED from Canada
Enlivening the Lifeblood of Businesses

Having set up for five years, RCI focuses on its online platform which caters the need of young school-age kids. Its owner Mr. Kirt Barker was at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair sourcing catchy products appealing to him – from electronics school supplies to gimmicky gadgets in good quality.

After touring the Small-Order Zone, Mr. Barker has selected over 11 items which he found prospective and would further discuss with suppliers to place order.

“My long list tells I am really happy with the varieties of trendy displays here, the chosen items encompass USB power adapter in colourful hamlet design which surely attracts children; and there are as well pretty iPhone covers and night lights!”

Mr. Barker was specifically impressed by the concept of Small-Order Zone and described small order as the lifeblood of the business.

“The flexibility of ordering in small quantity means companies like us can skip through several layers of wholesalers and distributors, go straight to manufacturers and buy products with lower cost.”

“Like for orders of below 500 pieces, our investment and risk will be much smaller while being able to sell products with a lower price tag. In addition, we can also offer a wider range of products to our customers, which is essential to an online shop!” he elaborated.

Mr. Kirt Barker, Owner, Ryan Consolidated Industries (RCI) from US
Amazing Surprise
“The scale of the Lighting Fair is so big! It is really amazing that I can locate a number of interesting products within a few minutes here at the Small-Order Zone,” enthused Ms. Blanca Tarrida, owner of Mobile Power BCN s.l. who flew in from Spain.

Incorporated for two years, Mobile Power has been importing small electronics gadgets and lighting products mainly from the Chinese Mainland and distributing them to retailers in Spain, Poland and Columbia.

This time on Ms. Tarrida’s sourcing list are power banks, mobile accessories and lighting products, and they were all found at the Small-Order Zone.

“The idea of small order quantity perfectly fit our needs as it is our practice to place trial order for quality testing, usually with around 20 pieces. If the product performs satisfactorily, we will then place around 1,000 pieces for follow-up order.”

Ms. Tarrida also praised the application of the new QR code technology which made it real convenient for getting further information on the targeted exhibitors and making enquiries.

On top of sourcing from different trade fairs, the company also looks for new products from the internet.

“We are also a fan of the hktdc.com and have successfully found good suppliers there. It is great to learn there is also a Small-Order Zone on the website and we will surely check it out,” supplemented Ms. Tarrida.

Ms. Blanca Tarrida, Partner, Mobile Power BCN s.l. from Spain
Bright Ideas All Under One Roof

“We are an American-Chinese Company based in Ningbo engaging in the lighting manufacturing and trading business. We export to the US with clientele including distributors and OEM customers,” said Mr. James Mcilvenna, Engineer of Eran Industrial.

Mr. Mcilvenna was at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair for the second year, this time with a sourcing mission looking for LED lighting and electronics LED products.

“LED is the hot topic right now, being popular for its myriad of application. For us, we focus mainly on prototypes related to commercial and industrial projects; like for upgrading retro fixture or furnishing new buildings,” the engineer noted.

Having chosen a dozen of interested items from the Small-Order Zone, Mr. Mcilvenna was thrilled by the varieties of trendy exhibits on display.

“There are so many products here which I haven’t seen before; their ideas are truly innovative!” he added.

Eran Industrial used to source from the Chinese mainland and the company always place small-order initially to test out the reliability of new suppliers before jumping into deep relation.

“That is for checking quality, and besides, we also want to see if the supplier can process our order smoothly. The concept of Small-Order Zone thus ties in with our requirements, and it makes things much easier as the Zone simply groups suppliers accepting small orders all under one roof for us!”

Mr. James Mcilvenna, Engineer, Eran Industrial, an American-Chinese company from Chinese mainland
Managing Risk amidst Evolving Technology

The LED revolution is changing the lighting world and Mr. David Zohs from Australia is all set to start its e-retail shop ‘LED Light Boutique’ as soon as possible.

“In comparison, the LED market in Australia is not as mature as those in the US and Europe, and this is the right time for the launch!” enthused the Managing Director.

At the Hong Kong Lighting Fair, Mr. Zohs was looking out for LED lighting products for consumers as well as for gift items which could be given away to customers with purchase order reaching a certain amount.

“For give-away items, we don’t need them in big quantities, so the Small-Order Zone is perfect! With a wide selection of attractive products here, I have already spotted various power-charging devices, phone covers, and gadgets which I like.” In fact, Mr. Zohs also identified two suppliers at the Zone with LED products which are good for retailing.

“Small order quantity is specifically important with LED products because the technology itself is improving in great pace while the price is coming down very quickly. We don’t want to order in big lot and get stuck with old technology and high price. Buyers have to be more cautious with the economic situation nowadays so that their business won’t be exposed to high risk,” explained Mr. Zohs.

Staying around at the Fair for just 2 days, he also gave credit to the QR code technology available at the Zone which facilitated the whole sourcing process.

“Small-Order Zone is indeed helpful to small or new businesses like us, it should be further promoted so that more companies can benefit from it,” he added.

Mr. David Zohs, Managing Director, LED Light Boutique from Australia
Overwhelming Choices

Established for 7 years, LPC Light Power Contracting Establishment focuses on commercial building projects in Saudi Arabia. Its Executive Manager Mr. Ahmed Qurisheh was at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair for the first time sourcing both indoor and outdoor lighting products.

Mr. Qurisheh was impressed by the profusion of up-to-the-minute exhibits displayed at the Small-Order Zone.

“I am overwhelmed by the choices here, and I have already found various spot lights, dow lights and LED bulbs here. It is so convenient that I can go to visit these suppliers with booths located in the exhibition hall as I prefer to discuss with them face to face.”

Mr. Qurisheh further praised the thoughtfulness of Small-Order Zone.

“It is great to have the flexibility to order in small quantity which meets the need of sample order and smaller projects. And we can come straight to the Zone to look for suppliers which can accommodate orders in smaller quantity.”

“We usually place small order of about 20-50 pieces to check quality, while it may go up to a whole container for the real order. Therefore it is important to ensure the supplier can work well for us,” he added.

Mr. Ahmed Qurisheh, Executive Manager, LPC Light Power Contracting Establishment from Saudi Arabia
Small Order Big Incentive

Supplying automobile spare parts to its European clients, UK company General Traffic came to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair to source for small electronics items which are used as incentives to lure more business.

“When our customers buy a certain quantity from us, they are entitled to get free promotional items branded with our logo. We used to place order of around 1,000 pieces for those electronics items and offer them to our customers till stock last. This perfectly meet our business needs.” explained Mr. Adam H. Umarji, Managing Director of the company.

Meanwhile General Traffic is preparing a new catalogue of the promotional gifts and Mr. Umarji has been impressed by the Small-Order Zone which converge a wide range of products available in small-order quantity all under one roof.

“The Small Order Zone is great, it gives me many good choices to provide a wider catalogue range that makes our customers happier. The QR code Exhibitor Scanner is a plus as I am leaving tomorrow, I can easily refer to the suppliers’ information and follow up our deal with them afterwards.”

Indeed, Mr. Umarji has already spotted some targeted suppliers offering USB, speakers, torches, and small fridge from the Small-Order Zone and the Fairground.

“We source from different places, from trade fairs and online, wherever we get good bargain!” he supplemented.

Mr. Adam H. Umarji, Managing Director, General Traffic from UK
A small start followed with big order

Each operating their own shop in the USA, Mr. Secharia and Yosef are friends and they travelled together to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair for sourcing purpose.

‘Both of us are looking for automobile related products including in-car Bluetooth device and audio accessories. Once we enter the Zone, products showcasing here catch my eyeball.’ said Mr. Secharia.

‘The rearview mirror with mobile screen projection is just amazing. That’s exactly the kind of product that is popular in our country. ‘ elaborated Mr. Secharia. ‘And, the plus thing is, we can order in small-order quantity for testing back in our country first. I’ve already planned to place a follow up 1,000 pieces order after the test passed.’

Mr. Ofer Secharia, Owner, Creative IT and Mr. Moshe Yosef, Owner, US Lock Co. from the USA
Easy In One Go

Visiting the Hong Kong Electronics Fair on the first day, Mr. Ben Walsh, Director of SunnyCam Glasses headed to the Small-Order Zone to check out a variety of products -- video and audio accessories, USB devices, adapters and flash memory storages. The company supplies to customers in around 20 locations in the UK as well as operates an online store.

“Small-order sourcing is an ideal approach for online store owners like us. In this Zone, I can source products available in small quantity in one go, and with key information including unit price and MOQ makes it so convenient,” noted Mr. Walsh.

Thanks to advanced application of QR code Exhibitor Scanner, they save the hassle of collecting name cards, making notes about the products and carrying catalogues around.

“What I have to do here is just scanning. Certainly it makes my sourcing much easier, and I have more time looking for products and meet suppliers,” he added.

Using as well the HKTDC Product Magazines App, Mr. Walsh has shortlisted a number of products and suppliers which he would contact for further enquiry.

Mr. Ben Walsh, Director, SunnyCam Glasses from UK
Bread & Butter of the Industry

Running its own retail and repair shop for watches ‘Cogs N Keys’ in Western Australia, Mr. Graham Emmott has focused in the lower to middle market in the past 16 years and decided to move up the ladder recently.

Sourcing at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012 on the first day, Mr. Emmott has spotted a number of interesting men’s and ladies’ watches at the Small-Order Zone. An on-the-spot order was placed right on the next day at the quantity of around 100 pieces in different styles.

“Not everybody can afford the money and place to buy in big quantity, Small-Order Zone is therefore an excellent idea! With smaller order, we can offer more style varieties to customers, do more business which keeps everything going. Indeed, small order quantity is the bread & butter of the industry,” remarked Mr. Emmott.

Mr. Emmott also highlighted availability of small orders could also help to test the market as well as evaluate the capability of suppliers.

“If the products sell well, we will certainly return and order more, so this is a win-win situation for both sides!”

Meanwhile, Mr. Emmott has also got contacts of several prospective suppliers from Small-Order Zone which he would further follow up when he returns to Australia.

Mr. Graham Emmott, Proprietor, Cogs N Keys from Australia
Small-Order Sourcing Made Easy

Specialising in luxury timepiece, Stuhrling Original is an upmarket Swiss brand which sells to retailers and distributors worldwide; with most of them in New York.

“We manufacture our own watches as well as buying them from suppliers. We do our sourcing all year round via visiting trade fairs in different countries, and in fact, we’ve been sourcing from Hong Kong for some time,” said Mr. Martin Eisikovic, Vice President of Sales, Stuhrling Original.

“As sometimes we also need to buy in small order quantities, I am impressed to find the Small-Order Zone here offering attractive products which require only a minimum order quantity from 20 pieces up. With this tailor-made Zone, it makes our sourcing much easier!” noted Mr. Eisikovic.

Mr. Eisikovic added it has been the practice of Stuhrling Original to place trial order in small quantity to test market response. “We used to start with 20 pieces and order may then grow to a hundred pieces if the product works out. Indeed, with the current economic situation, many companies do not want to hold stock. So Small-Order Zone is great!”

Mr. Martin Eisikovic, Vice President of Sales, Stuhrling Original from Switzerland
Making a Difference

A family business established since 1933, Kothari Watch Co. is a watch manufacturer in India which exports as well as selling direct to distributors. Though well-established with suppliers from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea, the company keeps looking out for new partners riding on trade fairs and the internet.

“The Small-Order Zone at Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012 is terrific as many of my customers, mainly end-users and retailers, want to buy in small-order quantity. Normally the MOQ for each item is 10,000 pieces, but our customers just want 1,000 to 2,000 pieces as they prefer to encompass a bigger range,” enthused Mr. Rajesh Kothari, CEO of Kothari Watch.

Mr. Kothari has also been impressed by the Experience Corner in Small-Order Zone where showcase products could be taken out for closer examination under buyer’s request.

“It does make a difference comparing looking at the display inside the showcase, and feeling it in your hand. The idea is indeed thoughtful.”

Kothari Watch has also used the hktdc.com since last year and has identified prospective suppliers offering clock movements, round clocks, and pocket watches from Hong Kong and the mainland.

“I just learnt there is an attractive Rewards Program for product enquiry made at hktdc.com! I look forward to finding more suppliers from HKTDC’s trade fairs and its website in the future,” concluded Mr. Kothari.

Mr. Rajesh Kothari, CEO, Kothari Watch Co. from India
Reliable Sourcing with Rewards

Developing watches for various online retail platforms as well as shopping clubs on the internet, Iconic Class has established its sourcing operation in Hong Kong as the company opts for using suppliers from Hong Kong.

“We have started using the hktdc.com for sourcing since 3 to 4 years ago and found there is a good variety of men’s and ladies’ watches suitable for our market,” said Mr. Kurt Schmidt, Managing Director (Asia) of Iconic Class.

“We used to source via the internet to locate prospective suppliers, then proceed to arranging meeting at their place or visiting them at trade fair to further explore their latest design or inspiration.”

While using various online sourcing websites, Mr. Schmidt noted he has more confidence using hktdc.com as he felt more secured with authenticated supplies and there are more Hong Kong suppliers to choose from.

“The Buyer Rewards Program for using hktdc.com sounds great as buyers can get attractive and practical rewards while making enquiries. I’ll certainly recommend this website to my friends too!”

Mr. Kurt Schmidt, Managing Director, Iconic Class from Hong Kong
The Sourcing Platforms which Click

Flying in from New Zealand, Mr. Pilbrow, Managing Director of Remy Watches visited Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012 to source for his retail network in the country. After screening the exhibits showcased at the Small-Order Zone on the first day, he returned right on the second day to finalize his selection of suppliers from the Zone.

“I really appreciate the idea of Small-Order Zone which pre-selects products available in relatively smaller order quantity for me to choose from. This is very helpful!” said Mr. Pilbrow, further noting the Exhibitor Scanner Service being complementary.

“The QR code service is awesome. I can keep a neat and tidy record of the selected showcases and refer to selected suppliers’ collections in the app instantly.”

Mr. Pilbrow is also a frequent visitor of hktdc.com , supplementing his visits to HKTDC trade fairs. “I regularly check out the pages of those suppliers I met in the trade fairs for their newest collections. Indeed, my online experience with hktdc.com is as good as my visits to the fairs.”

Mr. Rowan Pilbrow, Managing Director, Remy Watches from New Zealand
Small-Order Zone Facilitates Jump Start for Small Firm

A new Sweden company reaching its consumers via its online website as well as by post order, Me and My Sons AB is branching from selling outdoor furniture to electronics products.

“We prefer to order in small quantities, try with more varieties to test the market and identify what consumers want. Small-Order Zone is very good for small companies like us as we do not need to go through any middleman; plus small quantity also plays safe for fast-changing items like i-phone accessories.” said Mr. Roni Kara, Sales & Marketing Manager.

Mr. Kara already spotted a number of suppliers at the Small-Order Zone showcasing USB devices, i-phone supplies and electronic devices with attractive prices and MOQ as he desires. In fact, he has also already accessed the online Small-Order Zone at hktdc.com and has been impressed by its varieties.

“This is terrific! I have also contacted some prospective car stereos suppliers on the Small-Order Zone at hktdc.com and will visit their factories next week in the mainland.”

Mr. Roni Kara, Purchasing Manager, Me and My Sons AB from Sweden
Win-Win Order Concept for Buyer & Supplier

Hotel Silver Sand from India works on hotel projects evolving around room facilities as well as providing service to government construction projects.

“The Small Order Zone is indeed fantastic for us as we have to buy potential products in small quantities as samples for testing and approval; and usually there are many government departments involved in a project. Once approved, we can then order in bulk,” noted Mr. Kalpesh Shingala, Director of Hotel Silver Sand.

Mr. Shingala further explained that by touring around the fair venue, it is difficult to know whether a supplier could possibly accept sample orders.

“The Small Order Zone is therefore a very nice concept; being beneficial to both buyers and suppliers.”

The buyer is also delighted with the Small Order Zone being available online at hktdc.com.

“It is not possible for me to attend all the fairs. With this virtual zone there is no limit on time or geographical boundaries for me to find potential supplies; I’ll definitely try using them in the future.”

Mr. Kalpesh Shingala, Director, Hotel Silver Sand from India
Hitting the Right Target at Lower Cost

Phoneland GmbH is an e-retailer as well as importer in Germany selling lighting and electronics products to wholesalers and retailers like mobile phone shops. Its market covers all European countries, with focus in Austria & Germany.

Current offers from Phoneland are imported mainly from China, in fact some are found last year at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair when its buyer was in Hong Kong.

“This year we are looking for LED spotlights and other new varieties that meet our market’s growing demand for energy-saving lighting products,” said Assistant Manager Mr. Rupprecht.

“It is a nice surprise to have the Small-Order Zone launched at this Fair. Our order quantity varies with different item, and small order quantity is super for testing the market. We don’t have to invest much all at one time, and if the products sell well, we can then order in bigger quantity.”

“It is also good for our online retailing, as with direct consumers it involves relatively a smaller quantity, so we don’t have to keep a high inventory,” he added.

Mr Jan H. Rupprecht, Assistant Manager, Phoneland GmbH from Germany
The Perfect Choice for New Product Launch

Oz Electronics Inc. from Australia debuted its online business 3 years ago and is now offering electronics products on 3 websites – its own web site dedicated for wholesalers; another web store for consumers, and e-Bay.

“This is my fourth time coming to Electronics Fair and many of our existing products are sourced here. Mobile phone accessories, inspection camera and other small electrical appliances are among my sourcing list,” said Mr. Craig Lanigan, the Managing Director.

“The Small-Order Zone is specifically good for small businesses like us as we usually purchase in small quantity. It is hard to know which exhibitors at the fairground can take small order, but here at the Small-Order Zone, price and minimum quantity are clearly written, so it is much easier for us,” he continued.

Mr. Lanigan further noted small order is also good for launching new product range to gauge market response.

“This helps to tell us the potential of a new product and we can order in bigger quantity if it is well-received.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Lanigan has already identified some hair-straighteners and is prepared to contact the suppliers at the venue.

Mr. Craig Lanigan, Managing Director, Oz Electronics Inc. from Australia
Small-Order Zone - Where Long-Term Collaboration Debuts

With an annual sales turnover totaling to US$400 million, Indian-based Minda Industries has over 26 factories in India, Indonesia and Vietnam, as well as a sourcing office in the Chinese Mainland.

The company has come to the Hong Kong Electronics Fair to source auto electrical parts for motor-cycle and car OEM manufacturing.

“We are really thankful to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council for arranging the Small-Order Zone. It is our practice to place sample order to test the market, and to see whether the product itself and the suppliers are reliable,” said representative from Minda, Mr. Deepak Batra.

With big operations like Minda, Mr. Batra noted there are many ways they work with their long-term partners.

“If the supplier is reliable for long-term cooperation, we can further investigate our ways of collaboration. Our aim is to start from small to mass.”

Mr. Batra is pleased to have identified a LED lamp supplier from the Zone and noted it was convenient for him to follow up with them at their booth right away.

“The online Small-Order Zone at hktdc.com is of course complementary to this one at the Fair, notably, I think it also benefits small trading companies,” he concluded.

Mr. Deepak Batra, DGM-Materials, Minda Industries Ltd from India