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Sun Hing Insurance Brokers Ltd

Sun Hing Insurance is part of the Sung Hing Group that was originally founded as Sun Hing Hong in October 1945 and later became the Sun Hing Shipping Co. At the start of the 50's, Sun Hing became a shipping agency and in the late 50's, became the freight agent of East Asiatic, the general agent of Gold Star Line.

In December 1960, when East Asiatic and Gold Star Line parted ways, Sun Hing was asked to become the general agent for Gold Star Line. This arrangement took effect in March 1961 and in the years that followed, Sun Hing gained more agencies, notably Zim Israel Navigation Co Ltd, Myanmar Five Star Line, several Korean lines and one US line.

As the volume of freight passing through Hong Kong continued to grow during the 60's, Sun Hing decided to diversify into warehousing. A separate company, Sun Hing Godown Ltd, was formed in 1965 to run the company's warehouses and over the years it has further diversified its activities, such as in cargo consolidation, trucking and insurance agency.

In 1992, Sun Hing was appointed as Zim Israel's General Agent for Mainland China to handle cargo in and out of China, mainly via Hong Kong. Sun Hing utilized a subagent who already had a few offices in China, but as China's trading volume with the western world expanded rapidly, Sun Hing decided to establish its own offices in the main port cities in the PRC. These now total 13 the company continues to expand its office network in line with customer needs.

Sun Hing Insurance was established in 1983 under the name Sun Hing Insurance Agencies Ltd. It was restructured in 1993 with three new companies, namely Sun Hing Insurance Holdings Ltd, Sun Hing General Insurance Agencies Ltd and Sun Hing Insurance Brokers Ltd, which were added in order to enhance the organizational strength and professionalism of Sun Hingís insurance services.

A full-range of professional insurance services are provided. Please visit the website, for more details.

Sun Hing Insurance Brokers Ltd

Unit C, 10/F., United Centre, 95 Queensway, Hong Kong
Tel: 2529 1299 Fax: 2866 7465