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New York: JFK Expo Air Cargo Exhibition and Conference 2002

Following a successful JFK Expo Air Cargo Exhibition and Conference at the Holiday Inn in March 2001,the JFK Air Cargo Association is hosting it's third Expo on Thursday March 28, 2002. The conference theme, set last year, will be, 2002 the year of change in the Air Cargo Industry.

"When we selected the theme last March we had no idea how much change we were going to be faced with," said Jim Larsen, President of the JFK Air Cargo Association. "The economic difficulties we experienced in the beginning of 2001 were further hurt by the events of 9/11 and the lean times we thought would have gone away still linger with us."

"We believe that JFK Airport is a leader in the air cargo industry and continues to be regarded as such. In that role our voices must be heard," said Larsen. "We expect change and progress on issues such as security, airport access and the economic state of the air cargo industry and we are not afraid to look to the future for better solutions to the problems we face today, but we must ensure that the measures put in place to protect the industry do not become so overwhelming that they end up killing it instead."

Shippers, truckers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, airlines and all those who play a part in one of the fastest growing segments of the transportation industry should plan to set aside a day to attend this important event. The expo hosts an exhibition area which last year consisted of 34 exhibitions. Every thing from airlines and airports to security devices will be on display. For more information on the conference, call John Norcum at tel. 1 (718) 656 8111, or Gerry Nash at 1 (718) 995 9178.