Riding on the e-Commerce wave, the HKTDC has partnered with and launched a series of hktdc.com Sourcing (sourcing.hktdc.com) + Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Promotion Packages, allowing SMEs to make use of various online channels to expand global trade and business opportunities. Qualified Hong Kong SMEs can also apply for the Trade and Industry Department (TID) SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF) for a 50% advertising subsidy1.
1 Only applicable to registered Hong Kong companies with valid business registration. Applications are subject to final approval from the TID.

Online Promotion Package

All suppliers’ information are verified by internationally renowned organisations to ensure their integrity and enhance buyers’ sourcing confidence.

Dun & Bradstreet verifies company information
TÜV Rheinland verifies company certificates
TÜV Rheinland verifies ‘quality’, ‘environmental’, ‘social’ and ‘security’ compliance areas in suppliers’ factories2 and provides independent report
2 Applicable to suppliers’ factories located in Hong Kong or on the Chinese mainland

Search Engine Marketing: Capture More Global Businesses
Place keyword ads3 on one of the most popular search engines according to your business nature and targeted markets to open up overseas markets.
When buyers search on Google with relevant keywords, your ads will be displayed at the top of the related search result pages. Buyers will be redirected to your company page on hktdc.com Sourcing by clicking on the ads.
3 Only applicable to Google search engine outside Hong Kong, and advertisers can place ads in a maximum of 3 countries / regions.

Advantages in Placing Search Engine Ads through the HKTDC

Extensive trade experience
With over 50 years of experience in external trade promotions and thorough understanding of buyers’ sourcing habits, our specialists will suggest suitable search engine keywords, develop ad copy and edit the contents of your webpages on hktdc.com Sourcing in accordance to your business nature and targeted markets to raise the Quality Score for a better search engine ranking.
Support mobile interface
hktdc.com Sourcing is a mobile-friendly website, which generally enjoys better rankings in search engines. For SMEs with limited resources to invest in mobile-friendly company websites, placing search engine ads through the HKTDC would certainly promise better results.
Professional support
Our HKTDC professional team will closely monitor the promotional results for you and provide periodic analytics reports, so you can focus on expanding your core businesses.
Ad Position is determined by Quality Score x Bid Price, so as to ensure the relevancy among the search content, ad copy, and landing page content.

Foreign Language Webpages Tackle Targeted Markets
Suppliers’ company background and products information on hktdc.com Sourcing can be automatically translated into six foreign languages, including Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian and German. It eliminates the language barrier between buyers and suppliers and helps suppliers reach out to non-English speaking buyers. Suppliers can also target specific markets by placing language-specific keyword ads in Google to increase click-through rates and return on investment.
6 countries/regions including Germany, Austria and Switzerland4

29 countries/regions including France, Canada and Africa4

9 countries/regions including Portugal, Brazil4
38 countries/regions including Russia and Kazakhstan4

5 countries/regions including Italy, the Vatican4

20 countries/regions including Spain, Argentina and Mexico4

4 These countries/regions use this as one of their local official languages, and the breakdown are displayed in six colours on the map respectively.
# Source: Ethnologue 2015, 18th Edition. All information are for reference only.

Subsidy of the SME Export Marketing Fund

The hktdc.com Sourcing + Search Engine Marketing Promotion Packages are eligible for the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department’s (TID) SME Export Marketing Fund (EMF). Qualified Hong Kong SMEs may obtain 50% subsidy of the advertising fee1.

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