Shipping Discount and Sponsorship
Help You Explore Worldwide Online Business Opportunities

To help suppliers reduce shipping cost and attract buyers to place orders with a more affordable price, the HKTDC has partnered with Aramex - a Middle East-based logistics company, to provide worldwide logistics support to suppliers. From now on, suppliers who activate the online transaction function on Small Orders platform can:

A. Enjoy 37% off for courier services
  Courier service fees at as low as 37% off for shipments origin from Hong Kong to any countries/regions covered by Aramax.

B. Share HK$500,000 shipping sponsorship
  Suppliers received orders via the Small Orders online transaction platform can deliver products for free by using Aramex courier service from Hong Kong!

Worldwide Buyer Promotions

To facilitate suppliers taking full advantage from the Aramex shipping discount and sponsorship offer, the HKTDC will launch a series of online promotion activities to solicit more online orders internationally.

How to share the shipping sponsorship?
(1) Supplier registers an Aramex Hong Kong account
(2) Set Aramex as a delivery option in the ‘Manage Shipping Template’ via My HKTDC
(3) Supplier receives orders from the Small Orders online transaction platform and delivers products from Hong Kong to buyers via Aramex courier service
(4) Supplier to key-in the airway bill number in the ‘Courier (tracking no)’ field in the ‘Supplier Order Management’ via My HKTDC
(5) When the transaction is completed and verified, Aramex will deduct related shipping costs from supplier’s account directly, related records will be displayed on the monthly statement

Shipping sponsorship will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis, or until the pool of HK$500,000 sponsorship amount is fully consumed.

For more details, please visit

Enquiry hotline:(852) 1830668

i. Promotion period until 31 December 2018. Existing Aramex customer will still have to register a new Aramex account in the capacity of Small Orders online transaction platform supplier in order to enjoy the up to 37% off shipping discount and/or share HK$500,000 shipping sponsorship (the shipping sponsorship is not applicable for delivering to the Chinese mainland, Russia and Belarus).
ii. Please do not include space or other symbols when entering the airway bill number in the ‘Supplier Order Management’ to facilitate Aramex verifying items that are eligible for the sponsorship more accurately. Please note, items without airway bill number provided will not be sponsored.
iii. Standard, Standard Plus, Premium, Premium Plus, Supreme, Supreme Plus, Prestige and Prestige Plus advertisers are entitled to a maximum of HK$20,000 sponsorship per company, and other advertisers are entitled to HK$3,000 for each company.
iv. When the sponsorship amount reaches the ceiling of a company, or the pool of HK$500,000 sponsorship is fully consumed (whichever is earlier, the HKTDC will inform suppliers when the pool of HK$500,000 sponsorship will soon be fully consumed), supplier will be solely responsible to settle the shipping fee that exceeds the entitlement ceiling.
Example: Company A is entitled to HK$20,000 shipping sponsorship, when the company used up HK$19,800 sponsorship, and arranged a delivery service of HK$300, Company A can only enjoy the remaining HK$200 sponsorship, and have to pay HK$100.
v. Effective from 1 January 2018, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have announced the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT), Aramex will be required to charge VAT at the applicable rate on all imports of Goods into UAE and KSA. Import VAT will be payable on imports of goods based on the CIF value of the shipments cleared at customs, it is therefore essential that the value and type of goods are properly declared for custom clearance. For clarification/ assistance, please contact Customer Service Department of Aramex.
vi. Terms and regulations of the HKTDC and Aramex apply to the arrangements of shipping discount and sponsorship. The HKTDC and Aramex reserve the rights to change the sponsorship amount and/or sponsorship terms and regulations, without prior notice. In case of disputes, the decisions of the HTKDC and Aramex shall be final and binding.
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