It is an exclusive programme which offers overseas buyers a wide range of rewards by using hktdc.com to contact our suppliers or make an order.
You can confirm your acceptance by registrating your own account and submitting 3 enquiries to our suppliers on hktdc.com or placing 1 online order with successful payment on hktdc.com Small Orders. You will be then automatically enrolled into the Programme within 3 working days upon your confirmation of the Programme Terms & Conditions.

Currently the Programme only accept enrolment from overseas buyers.
Rewards points will be awarded for each and every time of your sourcing activity on hktdc.com:

• Earn 2 reward points for every valid enquiry made on hktdc.com
• Earn 4 reward points for every valid Request For Quotation
• Earn 20 reward points for every valid enquiry made through HKTDC e-magazine
• Earn 40 reward points for every valid online hktdc.com Small Orders with successful payment by PayPal
• Earn additional 10 reward points for every valid rating of the completed online hktdc.com Small Orders
Buyer Rewards Account Summary will be sent to your hktdc.com registered email each month. You can also check your reward point balance by logging in to hktdc.com with your registered email address.
Reward Points and prizes cannot be purchased, exchanged for cash, combined with or transferred to other account(s).
Reward points are subject to expiry for a period of time no shorter than 6 months. Reward points earned from January to June in a year will be expired on 31 December in the same year. Reward Points earned from July to December in a year will be expired on 30 June in the subsequent year. Members can earn points at a maximum amount of 100 points per month.
The membership account which has not recorded any sourcing activity made on hktdc.com for the past 9 consecutive months will be suspended and closed without notice and points accrued will be forfeited.
The reward points from eligible enquiry will be automatically credited to your account after verification of each enquiry made.
Simply inform and provide us your hktdc.com registered email address via email to buyer-rewards@hktdc.org.
With 40, 80, 150, 200, 400 and 800 points of your choice, you can redeem the available rewards listed under the tag of Rewards.
We will send you a confirmation email upon your gift redemption request. Once you confirmed, it is not allowed to change your original preference.
HKTDC is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cases of delivered reward.

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