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Issue 24, 2004 (16 December)
 CPSC Recalls Various Products Made in China and Hong Kong

The CPSC has announced the following recalls of products made in China:

Suede Sandals. Target Corp has recalled 1.2 million Mossimo Beaded Sandals because the sole of the sandal can become slippery, causing the consumer to fall and sustain bodily injury. The recalled sandals have beads and shells sewn onto the straps and were sold in beige or brown suede in sizes ranging from 5 to 10. "Mossimo" is engraved on the inner sole and the size of the sandal is printed on a clear label affixed to the side. The subject merchandise was sold for about US$10 at Target Stores nationwide from January through August 2004.

Table Soccer Game. Classic Sport Companies Inc has recalled about 1,470 table soccer games because the lighting structures may spark if the tube lights are not properly installed, posing a fire hazard. The recalled product - the Classic Sport Underlit Table Soccer game, models X0725, X0743 and X0761, is a soccer table with a glass playing surface and fluorescent tube lighting mounted underneath, causing the surface to illuminate when turned on. The subject merchandise was sold nationwide at Galyan's Sports and Outdoors, The Sports Chalet and the Sports Authority (including Gart Sports, Sportmart and Oshman's), from August through October 2004, for?approximately US$900 for the X0725 model and US$600 for the X0743 and the X0761 models.

Children's Snow Suits and Jackets. Meijer Distribution Inc has recalled about 14,400 children's snow suits and jackets manufactured in China and the Philippines. These products have decorative compasses and corded zipper pull tags that can come off, posing a choking hazard to young children. The recalled children's snow suits and jackets were sold in children's sizes 2T through 5T and 12M through 24M under the brand name "Falls-Creek". The items in question have a small compass attached to the front?of the jackets, were manufactured in a variety of colours and the care label bears RN# 48711. The recalled products were sold at Meijer retail stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois from August through October 2004. The sales price for the snow suits ranged from US$15 to US$43.

Mini-Personal Heaters. Lakewood Engineering & Manufacturing Company has issued a recall for about 18,000 Lakewood MPH-25 fan-forced mini-personal electric heaters. The heaters pose an electric hazard if an electrical failure leads to overheating and melting of plastic parts. The subject merchandise consists of a small white plastic heater with these dimensions: 6 1/2x 7 x 3 inches. It has a grey grill and a grey knob. The Lakewood logo appears in grey letters on top of the heater. The model number "MPH-25" is embossed or appears on a sticker label on the bottom of the heater. The heaters were sold by retailers nationwide for about US$13 to US$15 from August 2001 through November 2004.

Vacuum Cleaners. Procter & Gamble has recalled some 175,000 Sweep+Vac by Swiffer vacuum cleaners. In some cases, when the vacuum cleaner is left in the "on" position, the rotor can lock up and cause the unit to overheat, posing a smoke and fire hazard. The recalled product is a battery-operated upright vacuum cleaner used to vacuum floors. The vacuum cleaner stands about 4-feet-tall and has a green base and silver pole. The name "Swiffer" is printed across the front of the base in white letters. The UPC numbers affected by this recall are 37000-46522 and 37000-02553. These numbers are printed on the product's packaging. The subject merchandise was sold at retail and grocery stores nationwide from September through November 2004 for about US$30.

Ab Lounge Exercise Products. Fitness Quest Inc has recalled some 460,000 Ab Lounge exercise products, namely the Ab Lounge, the Ab Lounge 2 and the Ab Lounge Ultimate. These products were manufactured in China and Thailand. The issue at hand is that consumers can catch their?fingers in the hinges when opening or folding up these exercise machines. This can result in lacerations, crushing or amputation to finger tips. This does not occur while users are exercising. machines have the name "Ab Lounge" or "Ab Lounge 2" printed on the upper front fabric of the seat. The recall involves machines with the following serial numbers: Ab Lounge machines ALX-000001 through ALX-037999, and all machines that start with serial numbers 03 44 through 04 36; Ab Lounge 2 machines AL2X-000001 through AL2X-059060, and all machines that start with serial numbers 04 03 through 04 36; and all Ab Lounge Ultimate machines that start with serial numbers 04 28 through 04 34. The serial number is located on a label on the bottom of the front frame. Ab Lounge exercise products with straight brackets that do not fold are not part of this recall. The recalled merchandise was sold nationwide via infomercials and through the internet, catalogues, and discount and sporting goods stores. Some of these stores include Wal-Mart and Dicks Sporting Goods. The products have been sold since October 2003 for between US$100 and US$210.

TriLite Stools. The Byer Manufacturing Company has recalled about 7,800 TriLite stools because the legs of the stool can bend and the stool may collapse when used on smooth hard floor surfaces. This recall includes Byer of Maine TriLite Stools shipped between 19 February and 16 June 2004. The affected stools are only those that bear the Byer of Maine logo screen printed in silver ink on the plastic leg hub. The recalled merchandise was sold at various stores across the US for about US$18.

Electric Pictures. Chicago Imports Inc has recalled 55,600 electric pictures. These pictures pose a fire and electric shock hazard to consumers because they have inadequate construction and incorrect?wiring and use flammable materials. The recalled electric pictures are framed artwork that utilize electric lights and sound and feature moving background scenes, including waterfalls, snow, beach scenes, city skylines, and religious figures. Some of the pictures contain battery operated clocks. The paintings come with wooden, glass mirror, or plastic frames. The pictures come in four different sizes: 99cm x 48cm; 65cm x 47cm; 35cm x 35cm; and 33cm x 19cm. The pictures were sold at discount, dollar and general merchandise stores nationwide from October 2001 through April 2004. The sales price ranged from US$20 to US$150 depending on the size of the picture.

Garden Carts. LG Sourcing Inc, Lowe's Home Centers Inc and Lowe's HIW have recalled 196,788 units of the GardenPlus Industrial Garden Cart. Over-inflation of the tires of the subject merchandise can break the metal tire rim, causing users and bystanders to be struck with pieces of metal. The recalled product is a four-wheeled pull wagon with a yellow mesh steel gauge bed and reinforced sides. The cart is approximately 20 inches wide by 30 inches long and 20 inches high. This recall affects all carts manufactured between November 2002 and April 2004 and sold between March 2003 and October 2004 without metal washers on the outside tire rims. The items were sold at Lowe's retail establishments nationwide for about US$70.

The CPSC has announced the following recalls of products made in Hong Kong:
Children's Corduroy Overalls. Hanna Andersson has recalled about 1,900 children's corduroy overalls which have been found to pose a choking hazard to young children. Specifically, the hazard can occur if the buttons on the front and side panels of the overalls detach from the garment. The recalled corduroy overalls, style number 27267, are made from 100% cotton corduroy and sold in colours red and blue.?They are finished with two buttons in the front that attach to the shoulder straps, two buttons on each side, slash pockets and a large bib pocket in the front. The overalls were sold exclusively through Hanna Andersson's catalogue, Hanna stores and website for about US$38 from 12 July through 15 October 2004.

Children's Pajama Sets. J.C. Penney Corporation has issued a notice recalling approximately 41,300 Okie Dokie Alligator Football pyjama sets. The heat-sealed patches on the front of the garment can detach, posing a possible choking hazard to young children. The recalled pyjama shirts are heather grey with red or blue sleeves with heat-sealed alligator and football patches on the front. The collar tag reads "Okie Dokie". The pyjama pants are red or blue with cartoon pictures of alligators, footballs, and stars, and the word "football." They were sold in infant sizes 12M to 24M and toddler sizes 2T to 5T. This recall does not include the pyjama sets with the alligator and football silk-screen images on the pyjama shirts. These products were sold at J.C. Penney stores nationwide from June through September 2004 for about US$22.