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Issue 21, 2002 (31 October)
 US Customs Issues Quota Entry Cancellation Procedures for Imports Affected by West Coast Port Shutdown

The US Customs Service has issued procedures that apply only to imports affected by the West Coast port shutdown. The notice explains that filers are responsible for flagging any request for cancellation of an entry that was submitted for quota merchandise. According to US Customs, this will help to ensure that the requests are handled promptly. Upon approval of the request, US Customs must delete quota in the Automated Commercial System (ACS), thereby ensuring that quota is not charged twice for shipments that are going to be presented at another port of entry.

If a US importer has presented an entry and requests its cancellation and the return of the original documents, the ports are directed to return only a certified copy of the original visa document. The original visa document will be retained by US Customs. The importer may then submit the certified copy at the subsequent port of entry.