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Guangdong Implements Quota System on Water Consumption
Guangdong's development and reform commission, commission of foreign economic relations and trade, and water resources department ... (full story)

Shanghai Implements Medical Waste Control Regulations
The Regulations of Shanghai Governing Medical Waste Treatment and Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control came into effect on 1 March 2007 ... (full story)

Guangzhou Development Zone Applies for Designation as Pilot for National Comprehensive Reform
According to sources, the Guangzhou Development Zone plans to apply for designation as a pilot ... (full story)


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Issue 02, 2007 (01 February)
New Cosmetics Rule Bans 790 Substances
With a view to strengthening supervision and management of the cosmetics market and aligning with international standards ... (full story)

 Policy and Law
Revised Catalogue of Imported Goods Not Eligible for Tariff Exemption
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on 22 January 2007 that the revised Catalogue of Imported Goods Not Eligible for Tariff Exemption for Domestic-Funded Projects (2006 Edition) ... (full story)

Sewage Charge to be Introduced Nationwide
China is stepping up efforts at reforming the pricing structure of water and will be introducing the policy of sewage charge, according to director of the State Environmental Protection Administration Zhou Shengxian ... (full story)

 Local Policy
Guangdong Coatings Makers Move North
Out of the 2,000-plus coatings factories operating in Guangdong today, some 20 are posting annual sales of over Rmb100 million. The province accounts for half of the country's top 10 coatings ... (full story)

Market Access Eased Further for HK and Macau Residents under CEPA
Starting 1 January 2007 the business scope of individually-owned businesses established by Hong Kong and Macau residents in Guangdong has been further expanded ... (full story)

 Industrial Policy
China Adopts New ISBN System
From 1 January 2007, China has updated its China Standard Book Number (CSBN) that had been in use for two decades to align with the latest version of the International Standard Book Number ... (full story)

Safety Glass Mandatory in New Buildings
Starting from 1 January 2007, it is mandatory to use safety glass at 11 parts of a building under the Regulations on the Administration of Construction Safety Glass jointly formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission ... (full story)

 Services Sector
Foreign-invested Travel Agents to Enjoy National Treatment
Starting from 1 July 2007, the Chinese government will lift the restriction on foreign-invested travel agents to establish branches in China ... (full story)

10 New Occupations Announced
The Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) announced the eighth batch of new occupations at a meeting in Shanghai on 11 January. Most of the new jobs are in the service sector, reflecting the sector's rapid expansion ... (full story)

 Emerging Opportunities
Hong Kong Businessmen Eye Jilin's Corn Market
The number of Hong Kong companies investing in deep processing of corn products in Jilin surged drastically in 2006, with their investment amount registering a year-on-year increase of 90% ... (full story)

 Human Resources
Guangzhou: Filing Required for Lay-off of Over 20 Employees
According to Guangzhou's labour and social security bureau, the Guangzhou municipal government has recently issued a set of opinions on how to strengthen employment and re-employment ... (full story)

 Key to Economy and Trade
Liberalised Refined Oil Products Market Generates Greater Profits
The Measures for the Administration of the Refined Oil Products Market promulgated by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) set the stage for the liberalisation of the refined oil products wholesale market ... (full story)