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Issue 12, 2004 (01 December)
 Human Resources

More Hong Kong Residents Work in Shanghai

The latest statistics compiled by the Shanghai labour and social security bureau reveal that 60.2% of the Hong Kong people working in Shanghai are engaged in the general service sector. It is understood that a cumulative total of 6,680 Hong Kong residents have applied for a work permit in Shanghai.

According to the employment centre of the bureau, the number of Hong Kong residents working in Shanghai has been on the rise in recent years. Year-on-year growth was 71% and 38.8% respectively for 2002 and 2003, and also substantial for the first nine months of 2004. They mainly work for FIEs (61.6%), followed by non-foreign-invested enterprises (32.1%) and resident representative offices of foreign enterprises (6.3%). In terms of sector, 60.2% are engaged in general service, 13.9% in manufacturing, 5% in real estate, 5.1% in finance and insurance, and 12.3% in others. In terms of position held, senior executives account for 29.8%, senior technical staff 4.8%, general executives 39.8%, general technical staff 2.4%, chief representatives of resident representative offices of foreign enterprises 1.4%, general representatives 5% and others 17.2%.